St. Francis of Assisi of Bridgeport
St. Mary of the Assumption of Minoa & St. Matthew of East Syracuse

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Eucharistic Adoration

St. Mary' Church

Starting Feb. 4th

First Friday of each month

9:00 AM -3:00 PM

We hope that many of our tri-parish family will join us in adoring Our Lord.

Prayer for the Gifts of

the Holy Spirit

O Holy Spirit, grant me the Gift of Wisdom,

the supernatural light in which I
may know God more clearly as the
Supreme Being, His omnipotence, His
goodness and His glory and that I may
taste and enjoy with an enraptured soul
the ineffable sweetness of His love.

O Holy Spirit, impart to me the Gift of
Understanding, the clear light revealing
to my mind the mysteries of faith, the
things that are above; not “darkly as in
a mirror,” but in a clear and convincing
manner in order to captivate my heart.

O Holt Spirit, impart to me the Gift of
Counsel, the guiding ray of light that
will enable me to choose what is true
and right whenever I am assailed by
doubts or dangers and that will infallibly
lead to my last aim and end.

O Holy Spirit, impart to me the Gift of
Fortitude, the strengthening ray of light
that will aid me to overcome all
temptations, all difficulties and
hardships in the way of salvation with a
generous soul and to persevere in
fidelity and love in spite of all obstacles
and trials.

O Holy Spirit, impart to me the Gift of
Knowledge, that illuminating light that
will not only teach me the truth in all
things pertaining to my salvation, but
will make me despise what is deserving
of contempt and love what is worthy of
being loved.

O Holy Spirit, impart to me the Gift of
Piety, that heavenly light which,
entering into the depths of my being,
will not only strongly incline my heart to
love Divine worship and the liturgical
services of the Church, but to practice
cheerfully all that true godliness
requires of me.

O Holy Spirit, impart to me the Gift of
Fear of the Lord. Let its Divine light
penetrate my soul and fill it with such a
reverence and awe of the Divine
Majesty as to make me not only dread
every sin as an offence against the
great God, but also to shun carefully whatever in

the least degree wounds Divine charity. Amen

 Friday - December 2, 2022

adoration - 1st friday of each month

friday, december 02, 2022