St. Francis of Assisi of Bridgeport
St. Mary of the Assumption of Minoa & St. Matthew of East Syracuse

Parish Staff:


Rev. Stephen P. Wirkes


Dc. Dean Brainard
Dc. Joseph Lupia Jr.

Business Manager:  
Joseph Lupia Jr.

Administrative Assistants:  

Anne Kolozsvary & JoAnn Binion

Faith Formation Director:

Gary Krajacic - 315-254-9804

Cemetery Director:
Laura Cavanaugh -315-345-8007

Music Director SFA & SMA:  

Mike Stocker - 315-633-2165

Music Director SM & SMA:

Mike McClelland - 315-278-7862

Prayer Chain SFA:

Marge Stevens - 315-633-9432

Prayer Chain SMA:

Margie Bowhall - 315-656-2333

Prayer Chain SMT:

Mary Rovall - 315-632-4068

Patty Koch


Attention New Parishioners

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St. Francis or St. Mary's
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Completed  Forms can be
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229 W. Yates St. -
E. Syracuse, NY  13057


Drop it in the Collection on Sunday


Parish Office Mailing Address:

For our 3 Linked Parishes

St. Francis of Assisi (SFA)  
St. Mary of the Assumption (SMA)  
St. Matthew's Church (SMT)

229 W. Yates Street  East Syracuse, NY


Main Parish Office Phone Number

Phone Number: 315-437-8318

Fax Number: 315-463-6399

Email:  and

 Physical Addresses:

St. Francis of Assisi (SFA),
7820 Route 298, Bridgeport, NY 13030

St. Mary's of the Assumption (SMA),

401 No. Main St. Minoa, NY 13116

Parish Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday
Noon to 2:00 PM

or by Appointment

Due to Covid-19

Please call the office for the

Baptism:  arrangements made 1
month prior to and parents are
required to attend Baptism Class
prior to the Baptism.

Marriage: arrangements must be
made at least 6 months in advance

Hospitalized Parishioners: please
notify the rectory when a family
member is admitted to a hospital or nursing home so the priests can
provided for their spiritual needs  

Communion to Sick / Shut-ins:
 at anytime

If your out of town and need to find a
Catholic Church click on the link for  
Catholic Mass Times

Looking for a Grave Site -
St. Mary's Cemetery Minoa, NY 

Weekly Contributions 

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Act of Spiritual Communion

It has long been a Catholic understanding that when circumstances prevent one from receiving Holy
Communion, it is possible to make an Act of Spiritual Communion, which is a source of grace. Spiritual Communion is an ardent desire to receive Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament and lovingly embrace him at a time or in circumstances when one cannot receive Him in sacramental Communion. The most common reason for making an Act of Spiritual Communion is when a person cannot attend Mass. Acts of Spiritual communion increase our desire to receive sacramental Communion and help us avoid the sins that would make us unable to receive Holy Communion worthily.

Spiritual Communion Prayer
My Jesus, I believe that you are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love you above all things and I desire to receive you in my soul. Since I cannot at this moment receive you sacramentally, Come at least spiritually into my heart. I embrace you as if you were already there And unite myself wholly to you. Never permit me to be separated from you.

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Below is a list of changes we can expect upon return
List of Changes and Instructions:

Before you come…

REGISTRATION: Register to attend Mass by calling the Parish Offices (315-437-8318) Monday - Thursday between 12-2pm. We must have names and contact information for all attending each Mass in case of outbreak. Online registration will be added at a later date.

MASKS: All over 2 years old MUST wear a mask covering one’s face at all times. Clergy will not mask during celebration of Mass but must all other times.

SANITIZER: Please bring sanitizer for your personal use, specifically before receiving Communion.

REMEMBER: Please follow all signs. We are not to gather or socialize in groups and to use social distancing (6’ apart unless living in same house). The churches will be cleaned after each Mass.

OUTDOOR MASS: It may be necessary depending a variety of circumstances for Mass to be outside in the parking lot. Please follow directions on where to park. Communion will be by vehicle with masks. More instruction will be available at that time.

When you arrive…

ENTER THE CHURCH only through the marked door. (SM & SF parking lot side door; SMA accessible door with ramp) and use the sanitizer

CHOIR: We will have music, but choirs are not allowed.

HOLY WATER: Holy Water fonts will be empty for our safety

COLLECTION: Baskets will not be passed. You may drop your offerings in the basket at the door or use online giving (see website or mail offerings to the Parish Offices. (229 W. Yates, East Syracuse, NY 13057)

OFFERTORY: Gift processions are not permitted

SIGN OF PEACE: Will be omitted to avoid shaking hands

COMMUNION: Communion lines will follow normal movements but observing social distance. Follow the instructions of the usher. Coming forward use sanitizer and keep mask on. Once you received, step to the side and lower your mask, consume the Host, and replace the mask.

When you leave…DISMISSAL: We will leave the church as directed by the ushers starting from the closest row to the door keeping social distance. Congregating in the aisles or the parking lot is not allowed.

BULLETINS: Bulletins will only be handed out by gloved ushers. Copies are available on our website ( or join Flocknote (text “TRI-PARISH” to 84576)


Mass Times
Saturday - 4:30 PM at St. Matthew's

Sunday - 8:00 AM at St. Matthew's
Sunday - 9:30 AM at St. Francis
Sunday - 11:00 AM at St. Mary's - Please Note

Mass will be in the St. Mary's Gym

Please Register by using the link above or
calling the Tri-Parish Office at

315-437-8318 - Mon-Thurs. 12:00 to 2:00 PM


• Register before 2:00 PM on Thursday
• You will need to Register each week
• Regular Mass Schedule will be followed
• Temperatures will be taken at each Mass
• Only one door will be open to enter the Church

Donations can also be mailed to:

229 W. Yates Street
East Syracuse, NY 13057

Donations can also be mailed to:
229 W. Yates Street
East Syracuse, NY 13057
Or Drop it in the Mail slot of the Parish Offices - St. Matthew's

HOLY DAY OF Obligation